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In South East Turkey
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Our tours focus on the historical and cultural vibrance of the ancient region of upper Mesopotamia. The places we'll visit span over 15,000 years, spanning civilisations and whole anthropological eras.


3 Day Tours Our three day tours give you time to visit a selection of locations that are near to each other, giving you an in depth experience of just the places you want to see, and giving you a taster of what more there is around. Read More About 3 Day Tours
Everything Mesopotamia - 7 Day Tour Full Mesopotamia Tour Taking in everything from mountains to the syrian plains, this tour will take you to Mardin, Diyarbakir, Nemrut, Urfa, Gobeklitepe, and everything in between. Read More About Everything Mesopotamia - 7 Day Tour
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Diyarbakır Diyarbakır is a city populated by a people as strong and resilient as the large basalt walls that surround the old city Dag Kapi. Built to protect this ancient trading hub, which served as an important stop on the silk road, the walls are a magnificent wonder in themselves, which make this city (which is claimed to be one of the oldest cities in the world) a fantastic destination for the curious. Read More About Diyarbakır
Mardin Mardin is a jewel of a city, unforgettable for its yellow sandstone houses and buildings. The city is nested on the shoulder of a large monolith of rock, with a fantastic () castle from the () century. The city has a unique feeling, being made up of an almost equal number of kurds and arabs, you really feel yourself at the meeting point of cultures. The city is not only famous for it’s beautiful architecture, but also for the produce on sale here. The streets are lined with shops, selling silver and gold jewelery, locally grown nuts, and the famous Mardin olive oil soap. Read More About Mardin
Urfa Because Urfa is set right at the crossroads of routes to Europe, Asia and Africa, just about everyone important has marched through and left their mark, including the Babylonians, Egyptians, Alexander the Great, Greeks, Romans and Seljuk Turks under Saladin. The Crusaders, no doubt attracted by the town's easily-defended promontory called the Throne of Nimrod, called it Edessa and made it the capital of the Latin County of Edessa, ruled by Count Baldwin of Boulogne. Read More About Urfa
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Tour Emphasis

Culture South East Turkey is a melting pot of cultures, with influences from resident and neighbouring Arab and Kurdish populations, which both bring with them a wealth of history and tradition. You will meet people from all these rich cultures and the many ways they express and celebrate their identities.
History Each site we will visit has played an important role in shaping the history of Turkey and the wider region. We will explore the history of the many civilisations that have called this place home, and how they all fit together in the long timeline of this area - correctly known as the ‘fertile crescent’ and the ‘cradle of civilisation’.
Archaeology A funny fact, is that most of the best preserved ancient Greek ruins are in Turkey. But much more than this Turkey hosts some of the best archaeological sites; all the way from the Neolothic era, to the roman empire, the crusades, and the seljuk and assyrian empires. Many of these sites are little known, or off the usual tourist routes, which means you have a rare access to immaculate and perfectly preserved locations.

Voices Of Mesopotamia

We are a small tour company, run by lovers of history and culture, for lovers of history and culture. The two of us run tours together as comrades, and for one of us, Merve - mesopopotamia is home, while for the other, Timothy - mesopotamia is simply a place he fell in love with. We wish to bring as many people to this fascinating part of the world, to explore the little known treasures it is bursting with.

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